What We Do & How We Do It

Established in Mar 2017, Silot aims to empower banks with fast & scalable AI technology. In 2018, Silot was the Overall Winner of Visa’s Everywhere Initiative in APAC Region, and the only Southeast Asian company selected for MasterCard Start Path Program. In the same year, CIO Outlook (U.S.) ranked Silot as the Top 25 Banking Tech Solution Provider and Top 20 in 2019. Silot has applied for two patents for Knowledge Construction and Knowledge Interference and Generation.


Known for being “the Brain of Banks”, Silot Intelligence Platform helps to integrate the processes of payments, marketing, loan underwriting, KYC, and compliance etc. It will help turn data into applicable business conclusions and intelligent decisions through AI. With strengthened connectivity and Silot's expertise, Silot will drastically improve the efficiency of financial institutions.


Silot Knowledge Graph helps financial institutions to transform scattered data into usable knowledge by constructing unified entities and defining their financial relationships; it extends the understanding of an entity to a much more comprehensive and multi-dimensional level.


Empowered by Silot Knowledge Graph, our decision engine taps on not only the entities but the multi-dimensional relationships of the entities to make step-by-step interferences, which leads to decisions. These solutions will bring about unimaginable efficiency that will allow every single decision to be back-tracked to its data sources.


Silot’s solution is widely compatible with different use cases, from KYC (Know-Your-Customer) and underwriting to marketing and anti-fraud. Financial institutions can easily choose one to pilot, and quickly scale to other use cases.


With AI, Silot helps financial institutions to empower their commercial ecosystem, solving merchants'/ SME’s problems from payment acceptance to onboarding/ KYC, marketing for more income, and other financial needs.

Why We Are Different

Silot is dedicated to assisting banks in the transition from traditional to intelligent decision-makings while overcoming technical bottlenecks. Silot focues on addressing the pain points of decision-making efficiency, data connectivity, use case scalability, and multi-dimensional thinking.

Silot aims to empower banks with fast and scalable AI. Established in Singapore, Silot is currently serving clients in Southeast Asia, with plans to launch into the Japanese market.

What We Want To Achieve

Who We Are

Andy Li

Founder / CEO

Li is an 18-year Baidu veteran in Southeast Asia and APAC region, with 10+ years experience in the global expansion sector for Internet giant companies. He has accumulated abundant regional work experience and business resources along the way. Li is the former Deputy General Manager at Baidu Global Payment & Baidu’s Regional representative in Southeast Asia. He held important positions at Kingsoft, Changyou.com, and Sea Group. Li was mainly responsible for regional branch establishment and business expansion. He was also invited by multiple globally recognized industry conventions such as Money 20/20 and Mobile World Congress to be their keynote speaker.

Villence Yu

Co-Founder / COO

Yu holds an Honor Degree from Nanyang Technological University, and started his career as a global management associate of Citigroup. Yu later joined Google Wallet in New York as its Financial Product Lead. Yu then came back to Singapore as Citibank’s APAC Regional Fintech Product Manager and led multiple Fintech initiatives across 10 markets. Through his 7 years of experience in the financial service industry in Asia and North America, Yu has also made several entrepreneurial attempts in the TMT (Technology, Media, and Telecom) & Fintech arena.

Will Shi


Will has a solid background in web architecture, web service performance tuning & optimization and global product development & deployment. Before joining Silot, Will held 10 years R&D leadership in Baidu and Tencent.


Head of

Digital Solutions

Dr. Jiaming Li has 10 years of experience in payment industry with a deep understanding of technology, product and innovation trends. Prior to joining Silot, Jiaming was the Director of Mastercard Labs, and led the R&D arm of Mastercard that brings innovative ideas to the real world. Over the last 10 years, Dr. Li has led several global payment innovation and financial inclusion projects and filed 20+ global patents. Dr. Li holds a Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from Nanyang Technological University.

Samuel Song

Head of Product

Prior to joining Silot, Samuel has gained profound experience as the former product lead of Baidu B2B Ads Platform and former product manager of Dianping Merchant Eco-system.

Who We Serve

Major banks in Southeast Asia such as Nobu Bank under Lippo Group in Indonesia, and Thailand’s largest card-issuer Krungsri Bank, which also became a co-investor in Silot's Series A.


*Certain clients have been kept confidential by their request.

We trust Silot since day 1 we met. Silot has been supporting Krungsri since mobile payment till the up and coming one with AI technology, which could help our data be more productive. Moreover, with their strong team on both front and back end, we could ensure there is no doubt of investing in Silot.


Managing Director, Krungsri Finnovate

Who Invested In Us


Mar 2017


Dec 2017



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