Easy Transaction System,
Multiple Social E-commerce Platform

SILOT has built a bundle of products including a social commerce application (Kaya), and Omni Payment Service (Taurus) with major payment channels activated in SouthEast Asia. By enrolling in the SILOT ecosystem, merchants are able to set up a complete online commerce suite with end-to-end transaction and payment services in one place.

What We Are Doing

In Kaya, both sellers and buyers can experience a whole new way of shopping!


Simpler and easier selling experience

  • List your items for sale in 10s, as simple as posting your selfie on Instagram

  • Build your own network, find people who share a common interest with you

  • Share your listing on social media, Facebook, Instagram & Whatsapp

  • Anytime, Anywhere, sell new & used items, or resell your listings from Shopee & Tokopedia with ease for free

  • Kaya Star, Kaya Carnival... More activities to explore as you come!


Go-to destination for shopping every day

  • From women's fashion, secondhand phones & accessories, mobile game top-up, to automotive gear, shop anything that you love at an affordable price

  • Save items to your wishlist and be the first one to know the best discount. Plus, get personalized recommendations experience in the future

  • Leave comments, chat with others and stay tuned to get the most competitive offers

  • Follow your favorite sellers, so you won’t miss out on special promo or limited editions

  • Find out what's around you

  • Make offers directly with sellers to get the best deals. Kaya sellers are quick to respond and love to be connected!

KAYA is not only a great place to buy and sell, but also the go-to place for trendsetters to socialize!


KAYA - A Marketplace For Cool Things & People, With Simple And Fun Shopping Experience


Taurus - Smarter Transaction Platform,
More Convenient Payment Methods

Need automated payment infrastructure solutions for your business?

Try Taurus!

Taurus helps with both money in (collecting payments) and money out (disbursements).

Our users range from online/offline businesses, fintech, e-commerce, platforms and everything else in between.

Instant transfers.png

Instant transfers

daily reconciliation.png

Daily reconciliation

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scale automatically.png

Go Live in one working day

Scale automatically

payment easily.png

Accept payments and send payments easily

no hidden fees.png

Simple & competitive pricing – no hidden fees

How We Get There

Unify and Optimize All Your
Banking Operations Under One Roof

Silot provided a fast and scalable AI platform – Silot Knowledge Graph (SKG) to make fast, secure, and cost-effective decisions for the bank, with less dependency on data amount and data quality, and data scientists' expertise.

  • A smart merchant ecosystem: unifies business banking service solutions for simpler management and improved efficiency. Powered by AI that assists in decision-making, we enable new business opportunities for both banks and merchants.

  • End-to-end management: consolidate all applications into easy-to-manage platforms, saving teams time and resources while boosting the customer experience.

Krungsri Bank

Success Story: Krungsri Bank

Krungsri Bank is the fifth largest bank in Thailand, serving millions of consumers and over a hundred thousand merchants. We’ve helped them acquire 400% more merchants monthly over 6 months in 2018.
As a payment aggregator partner, CIMB Niaga has chosen to partner with Silot for its ability to help us provide QRIS services to more merchants, down to the micro business level.

Success Story: CIMB Bank