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Empowering Banks, Merchants, and Everyone

Through connecting Payment Silos, On-boarding Silos, Merchant Management Silos, and Anti-fraud Silos

Unified Payment Engine for both issuing and acquiring


Unified On-boarding Platform for both new and traditional payments


Unified Management Platform for both new and traditional payments


Unified Anti-Fraud and Anti Money Laundering for both transaction and on-boarding


Our Story

Our team comprises of executives and serial entrepreneurs from Baidu, Citigroup, Tencent, Paypal, Standard Charted Bank, etc., with its product and operation team in Singapore, and Research & Development center in Beijing, China.

Our Vision

Our vision is to connect and empower everyone for a better tomorrow. We truly believe that by building products that serve the intersection between technology and humanity would greatly enable the world to be more connected and inclusive.


Investing heavily in Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technologies, we aim to build the Fintech Knowledge Graph to define the relationship between various entities; and a consortium Blockchain between our clients and partners for an inclusive financial eco-system.

Why Silot


We provide solutions for retail banks that increase the efficiency of merchant onboarding, management, and AF/AML. Work with us to achieve rapidness, and accomplish more with less time and effort.


We move steadily on the wave of revolution with B2B Banking and Compliance solutions with our reliable partners. We respond to customer needs immediately and adapt fast to market changes.


We leverage cutting-edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain to build revolutionary and smart solutions for financial institutions, merchants and other businesses.

Bank of Ayudhya (Krungsri Bank) 

"The Best QR and Payment Solution"

Trusted By Our Customers and Partners

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